6 Week Elite Mindset Activator

Unleash the Elite Man in You!

Design & Live the Reality Your Desire.

Prioritize and Act on what Matters most to You.

Recalibrate Your Life’s Trajectory.

Turn up your Energy and

Restore your Drive…

You Have a Mission to Fulfill!

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Meet Your Coach

[Soul Guide]

I know what it’s like to be driven, ambitious, accomplished and I also know what it’s like to be stressed to burn out, lonely and unfulfilled.

I have indulged in life’s pleasures from professional accomplishments to the ecstasy of several women at a time and in the end, none of it deeply satisfied my soul’s calling. They were simply short-lived experiences that fooled me into believing I was doing “something worthwhile with my life.”

I committed to breaking this cycle, by being mentored and coached by the likes of Preston Smiles, Jeddy Azuma, and Blase Grinner, to name a few, who all helped mold me into a man who lives with purpose and on a mission.

It’s no longer good enough for me to just go through the motions of life, ticking off the boxes.

I’ve worked side by side with influential people, senators, and international businessmen, coached men and couples from all walks of life, and have spent years in various corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

Now, my mission is to support you to living in your fullness, in your most authentic expression, with the courage to live in your truth, and the heart to lead your community, family, and yourself to a legacy that lasts generations!

Let’s Amplify the Elite Man in you!


Embodying an Elite mindset isn’t about being perfect or being the “best” in comparison to those around you, but it’s about setting a personal bar to be the best version of yourself in each moment. As a professional, lover, artist, leader, or in any other role you play.

This powerful mindset has been transformational for me, my marriage, my health, my career and my relationships. The days of “just getting by” are long gone!

This is EliteMan Ignite

In 6 weeks, ignite your passion, motivation and focus, through 6 phases:

1- Foundation 2- Recalibration 3- Amplification 4- Mobilization 5- Stimulation and 6- Personalization

Tailoring a powerful daily routine to give you more time and freedom for what really matters to you!

Reduce pressure, dissolve stress and Avoid burnout through living a more authentic, confident and mission-based life. Deepen the trust in yourself. Shift from a routine by default to one of vigorous intention.

A Rising Tide Raises ALL Ships. The strength of one man benefits many. The Breakdown:


Weekly Live Group 

Coaching Calls


Weekly Challenges, Trainings and Integration techniques


Elite Level Accountability (agility teams)


24/7 Group Support (Community)

Living your best life at the highest level doesn’t take time, it takes courage!

Do you have the courage to take bold action now?

Why the 6-week Elite Man Activation?


Living, and going through life by default is the most common way to kill a man’s spirit, drive and zest for life.


Wake up and start your day with purpose and focus.


Build the man YOU want to be and live your fullest potential.


Be supported by other ambitious and driven men who are committed to living their highest vision.

Be coached to unleash the best in you, while being held accountable to your word and encouraged to win daily.

Build an UnShakeable blueprint for your daily routines that put you in the driver’s seat to life.


Cut through the bullshit that causes unnecessary stress and frustration that prevents you from being unapologetically authentic.


As you read this, recognize that you’re not here by accident. If there’s something that feels like you’re not operating on the next level… Excellent! You’re in the right place. Here you get to ask more from yourself, change your lifestyle for one that gives you more freedom, excitement and motivation.

Embodying a powerful and deeply confident mindset for yourself, isn’t a far-off fantasy.
It only takes courage to get there in 6 weeks.

Why is this only for men?


When men are surrounded and supported by other integrated, switched on, ambitious, focused and driven men, something powerful awakens in them.

This group is about recognizing that men experience a different reality, pressures, responsibilities and expectations in their day to day lives than women. In this container, we will confront and discuss some of those challenges such as being the “sole-provider”, having to be emotionally composed 24/7, having a limited view on what it means to be a man at home, on the job and in society.

A lot of those very expectations are what prevent us from acting on that fire that burns in our bellies and living a fulfilled life on a mission, with purpose and on our edge!

“My biggest take away from [Ignite] was having a conversation with my father after years of not speaking. Through the support of the other men and gaining clarity and focus, I had the courage to do something major for me in my life.

Johnathan King

Malaga, Spain

“What I got from Ignite is a stronger sense of who I am, of where I want to be in life, and being able to trust men again. I formed quick bonds with other men in the group because of Brian’s facilitation.”

Kenton Turpin

Missouri, USA

“Before the Activator, I didn’t feel like I had any drive or purpose. Now my [better] mood is back, I’m confident, I have more energy than I have had in years.”

Patrik Langer

Gothenburg, Sweden

Is this for me?

It’s for you if you want to:

  • Strengthen and unleash the best version of yourself.
  • Move through life and your circles with confidence and certainty.
  • Re-energize.
  • Laser Focus your energy on what’s important to you.
  • Raise to a new level of yourself into your career.
  • Have more free time to spend with friends and loved ones.
  • Connect your Head + Heart + Balls.

If you answered “Yes” to one of more of these, then the 6-Week Elite Mindset Activator is for you!

Week 1: Foundation

Build a solid foundation to stack the next 6 weeks on.

  1. Value-system assessment
  2. Intentional time allocation
  3. Compounding Win

Week 2: Recalibration

Reframe your approach, response and energy usage to daily engagements.

  1. Navigate challenges like a boss
  2. Electrify your body
  3. Silence the voice of doubt

Week 3: Amplification

Design a Kingdom fit for a King and making room for what’s significant to you.

  1. Simplify to Expand
  2. King Energy Integration
  3. Walk the Talk

Week 4: Mobilization

Master how to develop an unshakable Vision for yourself.

  1. Kickstart your power sources
  2. MBS integration of Movement
  3. Move towards your vision with intention

Week 5: Stimulation

Be the ripple that originates from your core and impacts those around you.

  1. Inspire and fill your cup
  2. Power in heart centered communication
  3. Redirect your energy into productivity

Week 6: Personalization

Claim and own the Elite vision/version of yourself.

  1. Rewire your programming
  2. Commit to an extended vision beyond the 6 weeks
  3. Anchor it in with daily practices


Video Demonstrations


Harnessing Sexual Energy Guide

6- week Elite Mindset Activator

One-Time Personal Investment


A next level you requires a next level mindset. An Elite mindset.

6-week Men’s Group Program

Design & Live the Reality Desire.

Prioritize what Matters most You.

Recalibrate Your Life’s Trajectory.

Turn up your Energy and

Restore your Drive…

You Have a Mission to Fulfill!

See it. Do it. Be it. Live it.

An elite life is yours, only if you believe it’s yours to claim.

Are you ready to claim it?